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Feb 15

Fall Convention Minutes

MW4WDA Oct 16 2011 Minutes PDF Version

Midwest 4 Wheel Drive Association
Fall Convention, October 16, 2011
Black River Falls, WI

Call to order at 9:02AM by President Mark White.
7 State Mission read.
All officers present except for vacant secretary position.
Treasurer’s Report-Given by Kert (Petey) Peterson. Kert has changed banks because of the service charges given by previous bank. Blue Ribbon club dues will be sent shortly. Report accepted as given.

State Reports
 Iowa given by Brian Mulvihill
-Wheelers for Warriors was a huge success for the first year on October 8. $6363.00 was raised to help Veterans. There was a truck parade escorted by police cars. A vehicle show and members of the armed forces were given rides for free.
– Labor Day weekend run raised money to pay for the meal at Wheels For Warriors charity.
-Jeep Outdoor Club is still around, not sure what they are up to.
-Land use area by Fort Dodge, not sure if anything is moving forward there.
-Toys for Tots on Halloween weekend 15 miles south of Knoxville, IA. Contact is
 Minnesota given by Dean Tabor
– Houston Park, DNR has purchased land through a grant from the Minnesota Recreation Trails Association. This land is favorable as it contains a lot of trees, hills and rocks.
-The Minnesota House and Senate failed to pass Bills to take away previous money allotted for the land grant/aid accounts.

 Wisconsin given by Luana Schneider via Cindy Schmitt.
-National Forest (CNNF)–WOHVA has started work on the Pipeline through their RTP grant–WOHVA asking for help. Also have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CNNF.
-State Trails Council (STC)–Got a phone call from the Governor’s Office on October 13. I have been appointed by the governor to sit on the STC as a voting member representing OHV (Jeeps, trucks, etc.)–earlier this year I was appointed as a non-voting member by DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp. My objectives are to encourage a change of policy to establish less closure of public lands, encourage establishing off road parks in Wisconsin and encourage more Multi-Use (Shared Trails) that include OHV. Next meeting is October 29 in Lapham State Park in Delafield. Let me know if you have any input. Also anyone is welcome to attend–I’ll send out an announcement with details to the W4WDA yahoo group as soon as I get it.
-The Wheelin With Feelin Rally went over quite well and I heard a lot of compliments about the event–good clues, nice route, and beautiful scenery. Could have had more challenge available (I know some didn’t come because of that) but also said that is not why they come to this event. Raised over $17,000 for the March of Dimes and there were 66 vehicles that participated. We are looking at this site again, or Northwoods Overland or another one that I am not at liberty to say as of yet–IF we do this event again. We had some difficulty in getting folks to commit to doing checkpoints this year and I haven’t as of yet discussed with the committee as to their individual interests in continuing on. We need folks to help in the pre-planning AND the day of.

Roll call by Randy Hays, 9 of 24 member clubs represented.
Membership given by Randy Hays.

 2011-492 members
 2010-508 members
 2009- 538 members
 2008-467 members
 2007-505 members
 2006-600 members

Insurance/Safety Meeting (10/15/11) given by Brian Mulvihill and Butch Chapin.
Roll cages are encouraged in Cherokees, Blazer, Bronco type vehicles, especially when windows have been removed. Removal of the windows seriously weakens the structure. Please everyone remember to fasten any unused seatbelts. A report was made by Butch Chapin about an unfortunate driver who was knocked unconscious and needed stitches when the passenger seatbelt clasp hit him on the forehead when his vehicle rolled.

Tech inspection sheets may be updated or a new one made available. Concern was voiced about any liability that MW4WDA may face when posting a safety document.

Butch Chapin reported that there are no claims on our insurance policy by four wheel drive users. Although there is a claim from two motorcyclists, it seems as though multiple user groups share a policy.

Website- Mark White
Tim Krueger will finish setting up the MW4WDA website, but someone will be needed to run/update it. Any volunteers?
Mark White asks that everyone contact him by phone at 902-229-3865. PLEASE no emails as Mark prefers phone use.

Newsletter- Mark White
In recent history the newsletter has been electronic, Dawn Krueger was editor and posted it on the website. Anyone interested in producing the newsletter? Cheryl? Lynn?

UFWDA- Mark White
No new news directly. A member from Minnesota contacted UFWDA and asked what their organization was doing to help Wisconsin or Minnesota. The answer, currently UFWDA has no projects in that area.
A motion was made by Butch Chapin to not renew membership to UFWDA on 1/1/2012, seconded by Brian Mulvihill. Discussion followed, and motion passed.

Old Business-Brian White
 President- Mark White(not an election year)
 First Vice President
 By white ballot Butch Chapin. Motion made by Lynn, seconded by Telly and passed.
 Treasurer
 By white ballot Kert (Petey) Peterson. Motion made by Lynn, seconded by Cindy Schmitt and passed.
 Membership Secretary
 By white ballot Randy Hayes. Motion made by Cheryl, seconded by Cindy and passed.

New Business-Mark White
Tim and Dawn Krueger son’s foreign exchange trip to which they are asking for help funding. Butch Chapin made a motion for MW4WDA to donate $250.00 to this cause. Seconded by Joe Heckman, motion passed.
The vacant Secretary position filled by Cindy Schmitt by appointment from Mark White.
Spring Convention, April 14 & 15, 2012 may be hosted by Iowa, using Black River Falls as a backup. Discussion was made to possibly go back to Mauston. Butch Chapin is coordinator for Iowa location.
2012 Fall Convention October 20 & 21. Location to be determined, once again using Black River Falls as backup.
Dinner must be preregistered and prepaid at least two weeks in advance from here on out.
Brian Mulvihill has MW4WDA stickers, and clothing for purchase.
Motion to adjourn made by Butch Chapin and seconded by Brian Muvihill.


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