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2013 Fall Minutes

MW4WDA October 2013
Midwest 4 Wheel Drive Association
Fall Meeting, October 19, 2013
Lacrosse, WI

Call to order at 2:03m by President Mark White.
7 State Mission read.
Roll Call-by Randy Hayes.
Secretary Report-Cindy Bahr
Accepted as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report-Given by Kert Peterson
Motion passed to accept as printed.
State Reports
• Iowa Nothing from Iowa.
• Minnesota
– Butch Chapin Reported that the environmental testing is done for the Houston park and it could expand to a possible 800 acres.
-Gilbert has added trails to the Virginia site. Consider volunteering to help cut more trails.
• Nebraska ; no one in attendance
• Wisconsin given by Luana Schneider
-WORVPI seems to be moving ahead on an OHV park in Forest County. For updates visit worvpi.org.
-Legislation AB369 has been introduced. It outlines the proposed sticker/decal program for 4WD vehicles in Wisconsin.
– March of Dimes Four Wheelin With Feelin was in the Minocqua/Arbor Vitae area October 5, 2013. In 35 years Rod and Luana were able to raise around one million dollars. Anyone willing to take over as rally master?
-W4WDA may continue to participate in Trailcon.
-The Forestry Service has recognized what good firebreaks trails make. Sections that have been closed to motorized recreation loose more acres to wild fires.
-Refer to Luana’s director’s report for more information.
Membership- Randy Hays
There are 19 clubs and 416 individual members. A motion was passed to accept Lake Area Wheelers into MW4WDA membership.
Insurance/Safety Meeting- Butch Chapin
-For those that may not know, if your club’s membership is 100% paid into MW4WDA’s membership, your club’s events are covered under this policy which covers private land owners. Please contact Butch for more information.
-There are no claims against our shared policy. If there should be a claim, please call our agent and notify Butch. Sign waivers on each day of trail riding or of a club event.
UFWDA- Luana Schneider
The Annual General Meeting was in June in Colorado. The attendance was down significantly. There is talk of doing a web meeting in the future. A fundraising raffle for a 2012 Jeep Wrangler, tickets are $25/each and will end December 31, 2013 or when all 4000 tickets are sold.
Tread Lightly- Dues paid.
Lake States Resource Alliance- Dues paid.
Blue Ribbon Coalition- Dues paid.
Website- Cindy Bahr
Cindy is the current administrator of MW4WDA’s website. Any information to be posted should be sent to her, email is [email protected] .
Old Business- Mark White
-Location of Spring Convention on hold until W4WDA hears from WOHVA about sharing location and cost.
New Business-Mark White
-Communication through a group email is to be done by Randy Hayes since he has all contacts.
-Any interest in continuing the ride in Castana July 4th? Contact Butch.
-The t-shirt ‘fundraiser’ done in conjunction with Four Wheelin With Feelin was a success. Over $600 was raised.
– A motion was made and passed for MW4WDA to join/support WORVPI at an organization level.
Election Results
1st Vice President-Butch Chapin
Treasurer-Kert Peterson
Membership-Randy Hays
Spring Meeting/Convention
To be determined.
Thank you, BorderLine 4X4 TrailSeekers for hosting the Fall Meeting!


Respectfully submitted by Cindy Bahr

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