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Apr 05

INPUT NEEDED- Saturday afternoon seminars April 18

The April Convention is coming up SOON. We (4 Lakes 4 Wheelers) have some interesting presentations for Saturday afternoon including what I call Forestry 101 (which will give you info on sustainable forestry and conservation including how they mark trees and what the marks mean (should be anchored by this weekend), WORBPI update and discussion (on either video or conference call), hopefully info and discussion on 4WD legislation (not anchored as of yet), First Aid/Safety program by a certified first aid person that is also a 4WD enthusiast so can apply with 4-wheeling in mind (will not generate a card for you), a children’s program and a pedi-spa program (for the ladies and venturesome guys the individual says she tries to keep her program fun and moving). There are also some prizes at registration and after the dinner.

Before we anchor some of this we need to know the potential attendance.

Will there be younger children attending—what ages—we have a certified childcare person very willing to do this with her mom for assistance IF there will be children in attendance.

Will there be enough folks interested in participating in a pedi-spa program?

We are trying to have a variety of interesting programs.

We really need to know who is attending ASAP so get your form in (see previous post—note the deadline date is April 7). If for some reason you just don’t know yet, please contact me so we know it is a maybe so at least we know there is interest. Due to the deadline date is why I am sending this out now BEFORE we have some of this totally anchored. The deadline date for the motel was April 1, but I would still try to get under the WI4WDA special.


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