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Land Use Reps

MW4WDA Land Use Representatives

…The MW4WDA is actively working for the progress of constructive 4-Wheeling and the Protection of Natural Recreation Areas. The association’s positive and expanding program is to achieve these aims, and has resulted in many awards for conservation work throughout the six state area from various public agencies…

Chair of the Land Use
Currently Open
Iowa State Director: Currently Open
Minnesota State Director: Currently Open
Wisconsin State Director: Luana Schneider
6793 CTH C,
Deforest, WI 53532
E-mail: Luana Schneider

Midwest Land Use Action Center

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1 comment

  1. Aaron Hull


    I am a member of Midwest Jeepthing which is an offroading club based near St. Louis, MO. We are a club of about 500 paid members and have a facebook group with about 9500 followers.

    We are in the process of looking at several organizations related to land use to determine where our support would be best placed and I have been tasked with researching MW4WDA.

    What can you tell me about MW4WDA and what efforts have been made recently or are ongoing?

    How do your efforts coordinate with, or differ from other organizations such as Tread Lightly, Blue Ribbon Coalition, UFWDA, etc?

    Are you doing anything locally to the St. Louis Region?

    Basically, how can I sell MW4WDA to our membership?

    The meeting I need to present this info at is on Monday the 5th.

    Thank you,
    Aaron Hull

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